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Women Investors of Real Estate...

A membership to count on, to be a part of... to be proud of.


When you become a member of W.I.R.E., you've become a member of the longest running Women's Investor group in Maryland. W.I.R.E.'s history stretches all the way back to 2003 and was founded to give women a chance to understand, gain knowledge and build wealth aquiring real estate for long term security for themselves and thier families.

W.I.R.E. generally has 10 or more monthly meetings on topics that are benefitial to brand new, "just getting started" investors, "finally got one" investors and more seasoned "been in the down and dirty trenches and still look good in lipstick" investors. The group also strives to take advantage of other topics and events from other "serious mentoring" programs as they arise for the benefit of our members.

We touch on virually every aspect of real estate investing from legal structures, finding money, property management, full renovation and updates to just finding general support from like minded and successful women that have "been there before". Our meetings generally have at least 10 women (and sometimes includes spouses and significant others - whom are always welcomed) and as many as 20 or more depending on the topic.

The meetings are intimate, informative, postive, supportive and most importantly enjoyable.

Our annual membership is $99 per year (if you sign-up or register in January only), with a sliding fee as the year goes on by quarter, with the 2nd quarter (April thru June) being $90, 3rd quarter (July thru September) being $60 and the last 3 months of the year at $30.

As a member of W.I.R.E. you will be entitled to these GREAT benefits;

  • Monthly meetings are only $10 for Members (non-members pay $20 to $25 per event)
  • Dinner is included with wine (soda and water also)
  • Big discounts from outside groups and events (these events are sporatic, thus hard to put a price tag on)
  • Major discounts from our sponsors (these discounts are generally valued at 2 to 4 times the cost of the annual membership alone)
  • Opportunities to take part in helping the group coordinate events and activities (and yes there are benefits)
  • Opportunities to help maintain our communications with members and non-members alike
  • Education, Friendship and Financial Security.... Priceless

* Membership dues and meeting fees help pay for food, meeting supplies, and support the W.I.R.E. website

Please do take time to fill out the form below and become a member now. We'd absolutely love to have you be a part of the organization and welcome your input, questions and help.

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